Cole to get a talking to

LOS ANGELES -- Someone really needs to talk to Cole Hamels, and soon.
``I will talk to him about it, yes,’’ said Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said before yesterday’s Game 2.
Manuel said that he didn’t see Hamels’ latest demonstrative on-field act-up in Thursday night’s game 1 – which is what Hamels said he hoped was going to happen everywhere.
``I walked back to the duout and said, `Oops, I hope they didn’t see that,’’ the pitcher told Leslie Gudel of Comcast Sportsnet.
We did. After Chase Utley fired a potential inning-ending double-play relay throw into the stands during the Dodgers three-run fifth inning, Hamels raised his hands in disgust – then coughed up a two-run home run to Manny Ramirez.
After Ryan Howard threw away a pickoff throw in his Game 2 loss to Colorado, Hamels snapped the ball thrown back to him from Jimmy Rollins in disgust. Neither Utley or Howard are Gold Glovers, but they have been known to win a few games here and there with their bats.
Hamels was apologetic yesterday – sort of, ``You can’t show up a teammate and I did,’’ he told Gudel.
But he also said this to her: ``Imagine you’re in Philly. What would the fans do? I did exactly what a fan does.’’
Here’s a big difference: YOU ARE NOT A FAN!
You are the reigning MVP of the World Series, a guy who is paid millions to go play ballgames, not someone who pays to watch them. You used to be considered an ace.
Before his Game 1 start, Hamels spoke of 2009 as being ``a definite learning season for me, and I’m definitely going to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Because that’s just not the type of person I want to be to my teammates and especially to the organization and the fans.’’
Then he goes out and does this stuff. Twice in two playoff games.

Overheard during a meeting of stadium security last night. ``They hit that second three-run homer, and the fights started 10 seconds later.’’
Dodger Stadium has been the site of some serious fan violence this season, including a fatal stabbing in the parking lot after their home opener in April.