Norristown [8] vs. Pope John Paul II [5]

Game site: Pope John Paul II
Match time: Tuesday 17th of April 2012 03:30:00 PM
Pope John Paul II001025

Game summary

N: Top of the 8th, Brianna Kennedy reached on an error, Monica Levins FC and Kennedy was out at 2nd. Sammi Kidd singled to left, Levins moved to 2nd. Sammy Kampmeier bunt single to load the bases. All 3 runs scored with 2 outs Gina Pellechio walked in go-ahead run. Jackie D'Innocenzo singled to left, scored Kidd. Stefanie Dinolfi reached on error, scored Kampmeier for 3rd run. Dinolfi 2 for 5 Copestick 1 for 4, 3RBI, 3-run double in 1st Bottom of 7th - PJP tied the game on 2-run homerun by Kugler


- WP: Sarah Rosetti. LP: Paige Horgan. 2B: N-Taylor Copestick. HR: P-Meghan Kugler.