2013 Field Hockey

Agnes Irwin [1] vs. Notre Dame [4]

Game site: Notre Dame
Match time: Friday 27th of September 2013 03:30:00 PM
League: Inter-Ac League
Agnes Irwin01001
Notre Dame31004

Game summary

ND: Quinn Maguire 2 assists ND: 7-0, 3-0 Putsch scored her 100th goal -senior scored in the first half Did a presentation after She got the game ball Got the ball in a glass casing at the end First time in school history "In this day and age it's very difficult. It could actually be a lot higher, she missed a lot of time in her sophomore year because of an acl injury." -Adele Williams, coach

Player Statistics

Agnes Irwin

Lucy Maguire : 1 goals

Notre Dame

Amanda Odgers : 1 goals
Moira Putsch : 1 goals
Maddie Snider : 1 goals
MaryKate Neff : 1 goals