Mount St. Joseph [2] vs. Unionville [3]

Game site: Unionville
Match time: Friday 26th of October 2012 03:30:00 PM
Tournament: District 1 Class AAA Quarterfinals
Mount St. Joseph02002

Game summary

FIELD HOCKEY M: Down 2-1, Hartzel scored with 17 minutes remaining off a corner which Annabeth Donovan received and passed to Hartzel for the goal Tied 2-2, Kartcher scored with 12:46 remaining off a corner U: Burgoyne added an assist U: Morgan Cassidy: 10 saves M: Christina Black: 9 saves

Player Statistics

Mount St. Joseph

Ann Burgoyne : 1 goals
Julia Mustin : 1 goals


Annabeth Donovan : 1 goals
Brielle Hartzel : 1 goals
Erin Kartcher : 1 goals