2013 Football

Marple Newtown [35] vs. Lower Merion [6]

Game site: Lower Merion
Match time: Saturday 2nd of November 2013 02:30:00 PM
League: Central League
Marple Newtown14714035
Lower Merion00066

Game summary

MN: Senior Perpiglia picked up a few key blocks, first TD of the season. Sapnas junior, 45 TD right up the middle, cut to the outside. Team is 3-7


- MN: Tom Perpiglia 82 kick return (Brendan Bradley kick)
- MN: Abel Hoff 4 run (Bradley kick)
- MN: Adrian Sapnas 21 run (Bradley kick)
- MN: Tommy Davis 1 run (Bradley kick)
- MN: Sapnas 45 run (Bradley kick)
- LM: Arie Wilen (kick failed