2013 Football

Ridley [21] vs. Conestoga [22]

Game site: Conestoga
Match time: Friday 6th of September 2013 07:00:00 PM
League: Central League

Game summary

Ridley's 1st Q TD came on first play of game. C's first 3rd Q TD came on kickoff beginning 2nd half 4th Ridley, scored with just over a minute left "We were very frustrated. We bent a little bit, but we were doing really well up until that moment." First OT score: "They had momentum going their way. You could see it. It just shows how well coached they are." On the Dorsey TD, Ridley was called for roughing the passer, moving from the 2.5 to the 1.5. Because of that, Conestoga decided to go for two "With all the momentum Ridley had and how good they are,this left us with a chance to put it away and end it." -John Vogan, head coach Conestoga "It felt great. Anytime you can beat a quality program like Ridley, you always feels good. They're one of the best and the classiest. That's what make those kind of wins special, when they're so good and they play the game the right way. We're just really happy here at Conestoga tonight."


- R: Matt Borchert 64 pass from Collin Wright (Esteban Munoz kick)
- C: Eric Cook 91 kickoff return (Blaise Toroni kick)
- C: Parke Schweiter 2 run (Toroni kick)
- R: Borchart 16 pass from Wright (Munoz kick)
- R: Malik Jones 1 run (Munoz kick)
- C: Martin Dorsey 10 pass from Alex Silverstein (Schweiter run)