2012 Boys Soccer

Kingsway [3] vs. Gloucester Catholic [0]

Game site: Kingsway
Match time: Saturday 22nd of September 2012 02:00:00 PM
Gloucester Catholic00000

Game summary

KINGSWAY Goal, assist for Schmiegel. He also was taken down in the box in 1st minute, leading to Malaquias' penalty shot goal. Kingsway scored goals in 68th, 70th minute of 2nd half. Garret Hoagland had two assists. Jimmy Amorebella made 2 saves. Kingsway is 7-0. GLOUCESTER CATHOLIC Kyle Nunan made 8 saves.

Player Statistics


J.P. Beshada : 1 goals
David Malaquias : 1 goals
Tom Schmiegel : 1 goals