Agnes Irwin [6] vs. Germantown Academy [5]

Game site: Germantown Academy
Match time: Tuesday 24th of April 2012 03:45:00 PM
League: Inter-AC League
Agnes Irwin00046
Germantown Academy22005

Game summary

AI: 8TH INNING--Georgia Fortunato, 1 out, RBI single to go ahead; second run scored with 2 outs off a passed ball Wenger, 7IP, 3Ks, 4BBs; L. Fortunado, 3/5, 3RBIs; Speakman, 2/4. AI: 6-1, 4-0 GA: Elisa Novak, 3/4, 2RBIs, 2Rs; Mariel Becker, 2/4, 2RBIs; Riesenberg, 3.5IP, 1K, 1BB; Record, 5-6.


- WP: Katie Wenger. LP: Brynn Riesenberg. 2B: AI- Lauren Fortunato. 3B: AI-Emily Speakman.


  • Pennsylvania
  • South Jersey
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South Jersey