2013 Girls' Soccer

Bishop Shanahan [3] vs. West Chester Rustin [3]

Game site: Bishop Shanahan
Match time: Monday 9th of September 2013 03:45:00 PM
League: Ches-Mont League
Bishop Shanahan12003
West Chester Rustin03003

Game summary

BS: Lauren Smith 2 assists both on Longenderfer goals BS: Emma Rodnertims 6 saves, Maggie Boncek 5 saves WCR: Charlotte Elrod 7 saves WCR: Shewman goal on asssist from Maddie Moran with about 3 minutes left. BS: 2-2-1, 1-0-1 in Ches-Mont.

Player Statistics

Bishop Shanahan

Katie Longenderfer : 2
Allie Broomall : 1

West Chester Rustin

Alexa Bushey : 2
Sam Shewman : 1


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  • South Jersey
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