2013 Field Hockey

Radnor [4] vs. Avon Grove [3]

Game site: Avon Grove
Match time: Saturday 7th of September 2013 10:00:00 AM
Avon Grove21003

Game summary

R: Jordan scored gw goal with 9:32 left in OT, off a mess in front of the net, dribbled it from the base line, assisted by Lexi Kenneally's long hit. Ashley Gubernick had 12 saves AG: Emily Carroll had 7 saves

Player Statistics

Avon Grove

Anna Gould : 1 goals
Lexie Dixson : 2 goals


Kaylee Helms : 1 goals
Lydia Sydnor : 1 goals
Hope Smith : 1 goals
Katie Jordan : 1 goals


  • Pennsylvania
  • South Jersey
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South Jersey