2012 Field Hockey

Florence [6] vs. Palmyra [1]

Game site: Palmyra
Match time: Friday 5th of October 2012 03:45:00 PM
League: Burlington County Freedom

Game summary

Field Hockey Gina Smith "She scored early. Off of two corners. Then my coaches and I noticed, she had a pulled quad since New Egypt, so we took her out." The Two goals she scored were beautiful. Rockets from the top of the circle." I never would have imagined, if you told me four years ago. If you told me I wouldve said youre crazy. The goal was to play her at center midfield. But as a freshman we had one. So I made Lexi my forward and from that point on she really put the ball in the net. The idea where I got to put her at forward was her club team. If shes playing club with some of the best in the country, she could do this. Lexis the type of player-she will do whatever her team needs her to do. If her team needs scoring, she will. If the team needs her to play back, she will. Playing club field hockey all these years has really taught her how to score. My husband built her her own cage from scratch. He'll work with her. Its an amazing feeling. Before she entered high school, I asked her if she wanted me to coach her. She said no, I want you to coach me. Our rule is no field hockey talk when we go home. Its been a great ride. Its been such a great ride. To be honest, the only thing my husband and I want for her is to be happy. All her hard work has gotten her where she needs to be. When she was a little girl, I used to put in University of Maryland's Meharg. tape's, offensive and defensive tactical tapes, and she used to go to bed to that stuff. Just being around the sport, she plays seven days a week, year round. I always tell her, if youre out there working, and theyre sleeping, youll get ahead of them. And I can honestly tell you she does that athletically as well. She has been blessed with great teammates, kids that are unselfish. Were very, very proud of her, athlically as well as academically. Lexi Smith Im pretty excited. I wish I got to finish today and break it. Hopefully next game Ill be able to break it. Just like any other pulled muscle, it takes rest, and I havent been getting it. Played the majority of the first half. I dont think it can get much better than what I have achieved and hopefully what my team will achieve. Its probably going to be one of the best moments that ive ever gotten to experience. Hopefully when I break it it will be. Really havent had a good weekend off since the summertime. Hopefully Tuesday Ill break it and well go out for pizza with my team Tuesday at 3:45 at Florence. TCNJ in April. My aunts record was a family thing, so it was a little closer to my heart. This is something that is nation-wide, so its impossible to compare it to anything. All the credit shouldnt just go to me. All the girls I work with work as hard or harder than me.

Player Statistics


Heather Horner : 2 goals
Nicole Myslinski : 1 goals
Lexi Smith : 2 goals
Devin Vogel : 1 goals


Dane Foedisch : 1 goals


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  • South Jersey
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