2012 Football

Roxborough [0] vs. Roman Catholic [48]

Game site: Roxborough
Match time: Thursday 22nd of November 2012 10:30:00 AM
Roman Catholic21147648

Game summary

RC: last play of the half, pitch to Fuller, Keir went out for the pass bubble screen, wide open Fuller 5 catches, 104 yards Keir 10 for 15, 165 yards DT Ricky Rivera, Jr. 5 tackles, 3 sacks


- RC: Tom Hofmeister 3 run (Philip Isaac kick)
- RC:Will Fuller 20 pass from Mike Keir (Isaac kick)
- RC: Fuller 50 pass from Keir (Isaac kick)
- RC: Collin Shields 1 fumble return (Isaac kick)
- RC: Keir 14 pass from Fuller (Isaac kick)
- RC: J.J. Logan 5 run (Isaac kick)
- RC: Steve Henry 2 run (run failed)


  • Pennsylvania
  • South Jersey
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South Jersey