2012 Boys Soccer

Barrack Hebrew [3] vs. Mercy Vocational [2]

Game site: Barrack Hebrew
Match time: Thursday 18th of October 2012 03:45:00 PM
League: Tri-County League
Barrack Hebrew21003
Mercy Vocational20002

Game summary

BH: 5-2 Daniel Horowitz, SR had two assists. Coach's decision to bring Evan Benedict out from the goalie to play stopper in the second half. Mercy Vo was shutout during the second half.

Player Statistics

Mercy Vocational

TJ Seltner : 2 goals

Barrack Hebrew

David Gordon : 1 goals
Darren Joffe : 1 goals
Steven Plotnik : 1 goals


  • Pennsylvania
  • South Jersey
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South Jersey