2012 Boys Soccer

Bodine [3] vs. Franklin Learning Center [6]

Game site: Bodine
Match time: Tuesday 11th of September 2012 03:15:00 PM
League: Public League B
Franklin Learning Center51006

Game summary

Didn't get last Bodine goal Kerbag's scored first two goals-from 40 yards out and second on a corner kick Gjeci is a sophomore, Kerbak a senior 6-1 Franklin Learning Center before two late goals cut it to three

Player Statistics


Farid Amari : 1 goals
Mahboo Alam : 1 goals

Franklin Learning Center

Rei Gjeci : 3 goals
Talal Kerbag : 2 goals
Reni Helmesi : 1 goals


  • Pennsylvania
  • South Jersey
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South Jersey