Imhotep-Constitution basketball game halted after altercation

An altercation between a player from Imhotep and a player from Constitution halted Tuesday evening's Public League Division A basketball game in the second quarter at Ben Franklin, where Constitution plays its home games.

James Lynch, the executive director of athletics for the School District of Philadelphia, said both players were ejected from the game will be suspended for the next game, according to PIAA rules. Lynch also said the Public League could add an additional two games, meaning each player could sit out a total of three games.

Lynch said he is waiting to receive the names of the players from an official report from the PIAA.

"The two students that were involved in the altercation [were] ejected from the game and any further penalties are still being discussed, and we'll be notifying the schools by probably midday today or first thing tomorrow of any additional penalties," Lynch said.

The game will be resumed at a time, date and location to be determined.

Constitution is scheduled to play at Martin Luther King on Thursday. Imhotep is scheduled to play Math, Civics and Sciences on Thursday at the Martin Luther King Recreation Center.

Imhotep coach Andre Noble, also the school's athletic director, declined to elaborate on the incident.

Constitution coach Rob Moore could not immediately be reached for comment.