Spencer gets first high school experience at Breakout Challenge

Horace Spencer III will be a freshman at William Tennent in the fall. (Matt Breen)

Standing at six-foot-eight, Horace Spencer III says a lot of fellow campers at this week’s Reebok Breakout Challenge have been surprised when he tells them how old he is. At 14 years old, you can’t blame them.

Yet to play a high school game, Spencer is among the field of 120 recruits that are looking for a college scholarship. The power forward will be a freshman in the fall at William Tennent and said he chose the area school because it’s close to his Warminster home and he said it has a “community feel.”

In the first few games at the Breakout Challenge, Spencer was mostly ineffective for his team, the Friars. Spencer said he improved a lot in the final game on Thursday night, as he was able to get the ball in his hands more. He finished the game with four points and two rebounds and played the game with a quick tempo.

Playing with players a few years older than him and with more experience under their belt has helped Spencer see how the game becomes more “psychically tougher as it goes on.” The two aspects of his game that Spencer wants to work on are his ball handling and his shot.

Spencer’s high school choice mirrored that of a college recruiting trail, as Spencer was courted by many private schools. So much so, that the 14 year old said he was tired of going to different schools. Spencer said his experiences with the high school choice should help him with the pressure to select a college.

“But, that’s still a giant step above,” said Spencer.