Timber Creek [3] vs. Cherry Hill East [4]

Game site: Cherry Hill East
Match time: Wednesday 21st of September 2011 03:45:00 PM
Timber Creek21003
Cherry Hill East12104

Game summary

GIRLS SOCCER - Timber Creek ranked #3 Goals: East: 1st Caitlin Delaney (1st Half 5:44 minutes into the game) 2nd McKenzie Miller from Christine Goins (assist) (2nd Half 25:20 into the half) 3rd Caitlin Delaney from Emily Rimdzus (2nd Half 30:30 into the half) 4th Christine Goins from Erica Hansen (assist) 4:12 into the 2nd OT period Timber Creek: 1st Olivia McEachern (1st Half 28:37 into the game) 2nd Olivia McEachern (1st Half 30:41 into the game) 3rd Olivia McEachern (2nd Half 31:20 into the half)

Player Statistics

Cherry Hill East

Caitlyn Delaney : 2
Christine Goins : 1
McKenzie Miller : 1

Timber Creek

Olivia McEachern : 3


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  • South Jersey
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