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2010/2011 Girls Basketball

Council Rock South [53] vs. Council Rock North [40]

Game site: Council Rock North
Match time: Friday 4th of February 2011 07:00:00 PM
League: Suburban One National
Council Rock South147181453
Council Rock North131061140

Game summary

Council Rock North came into todays matchup undefeated. This is the first time that South has beat North. CRS: Alex Wheatley a Jr. Forward scored her 1000th point in the 3rd quarter (ended the game with 1015). She also had 14 Rebounds. Alexis Hofstaeder had 5 Assists. Team went 17/20 from the line. Council Rock South's Record is now 13-5 (9-3). CRN: Team went 10/14 from the line.

Player Statistics

Council Rock North

Megan Cunningham : 6 points
Emily Grundman : 7 points
Lauren Gold : 8 points
Devin Gold : 11 points
Helena Gemmell : 2 points
Alyssa Dumont : 6 points

Council Rock South

Courtney Brown : 5 points
Alexis Hofstaeder : 9 points
Caitlin Jackson : 8 points
Alex Wheatley : 31 points
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