2012 Football

Truman [34] vs. Conwell-Egan [31]

Game site: Truman
Match time: Thursday 22nd of November 2012 10:00:00 AM

Game summary

Truman: 4th and goal from 4 yard line, gambled and went for it, walkoff win. "Walked out to my kids and they called for the play," "We can covert this, So I listened to the kids." Walker, junior WR Zolna, junior QB, finished 3 for 5, all to Walker Kinney, freshman starts at MLB Hunt tied game with 1 yard run with 8 mins left scored on 4th down. Last three all on 4th calling


- CE: Chaz Cason 65 run (Jarret Tolby kick)
- T: Gianni Adamo 37 run (Tim Kinney kick)
- CE: Cason 65 run (kick failed)
- T: Bobby Hill 52 run (Kinney kick)
- CE: Mike Alley 15 run (Tim Bolton run)
- T: Trystin Hunt 1 run (Kinney kick)
- T: Hunt 1 run (Kinney kick)
- CE: Alley 3 run (Tolby kick)
- CE: FG Tolby 21
- T: Ty Walker 4 pass from Jake Zolna


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  • South Jersey
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