For once, it's good Phelps sank

Michael Phelps proved Friday that his athletic skills aren't confined to the water.

During an appearence at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship, an annual golf tournament held as part of the European Tour, the Olympic phenom sunk an amazing 53-yard (that's 159 feet for us Yanks) shot with...his putter.

Phelps said that he chose to shoot with the putter because he was only trying to get to the top of the green, and didn't expect the ball to make it over the rise and into the hole.

The stunt helped the heavily decorated Phelps break another record, this time the 33-yard putt made by broadcaster Terry Wogan at Gleneagles in 1981, previously considered the longest televised putt.

Maybe all that practice Phelps has been putting in in preparation for his appearence on the Golf Channel's "The Haney Project" is paying off?

Check out the video of Phelp's monster putt below and see for yourself.