Tell The Flyers Today is Saturday

Two of the Flyers' three wins have come on Saturday so far this season. (Mel Evans/AP file photo)

Maybe we can get somebody down at the Wells Fargo Center to flip the calendar in the Flyers' locker room ahead a couple of days and convince them that today is Saturday. Why? Well, two of their three wins have come on that day and they have scored more goals in those three games than they have in the six contests on the other days combined.

For the record, the Orange and Black have games scheduled for 10 of the remaining 12 Saturdays on the NHL schedule.

Here are how the totals for them and their opponents break down:

   Saturdays    Other Days  
 Record  2-1  1-5
 Goals  13  8
    Avg./Game  4.33  1.33
 Opp. Goals  7  19
    Avg./Game  2.33  3.17
 Power Play  5-15  3-28
    Pct.  33.3%  10.7%
 Opp. Power Play    3-13  8-29
    Pct.  23.1%  27.6%
 Shots  77  169
    Shots/Game  25.7  28.2
    Shooting Pct.  16.9%  4.7%
 Opp. Shots  100  166
    Shots/Game  33.3  27.7
    Shooting Pct.  7.0%  11.4%