Rinaldo Blog: Day 6

Voorhees, N.J. - Tues. April 17, 12:24 p.m.

What’s up with this weather in Philadelphia? It’s too freaking hot.


After our meeting yesterday, I had to go to the Cherry Hill Mall because the air conditioning in my apartment is broke. I had to get out of the house and go somewhere cool.

Seriously, can you imagine me and Tom Sestito just sitting there and sweating with the windows open and two fans blowing? That’s all we did all day, sit there and sweat. All. Day. Long.

At the mall, I bought some things for the summer. A few t-shirts, some shorts. My dad is with me, he came over from Pittsburgh after the first few games.

Earlier on Monday, we came to the rink, we had to be here by 12 noon. I did a little workout, then talked to the boys for a bit, had a cup of coffee and relaxed. I also had some breakfast at the rink - just made a bagel and sat down and watched some highlights on TV. It was an easy day on us.

Later, I went to dinner with my dad at a little Italian place right around the corner from my apartment. After that, I just chilled with him and went to his hotel to watch the Bruins game. I caught the end of the Bruins game at my apartment with ‘Tito.' I called it a night after that.

I'm glad to be hanging out with my boys who were brought up from the Phantoms today.

(Editor's note: the Flyers re-called Harry Zolnierczyk, Ben Holmstrom, Erik Gustafsson, Tyler Brown, Oliver Lauridsen, Tye McGinn, and Michael Leighton from Adirondack on Tuesday to serve as the "Black Aces" practice squad.)

Every game is a fresh, new mindset. We’re not going to take whatever happened from Game 3 to Game 4. We’re going to take it period by period and roll with their punches. Whatever they do, we’re going to try to stay disciplined. 

I want every game to be my kind of game, no matter how physical it is. Whether I get 4 minutes of ice or 10 minutes of ice, I want to make every shift count. We’d love to go out and win a hockey game tomorrow night.

Flyers rookie Zac Rinaldo will be writing a blog on Philly.com throughout the Stanley Cup playoffs. Check back on Wednesday for another post. Follow him on Twitter at @RinaldoZac.