Rinaldo Blog: Day 3

Pittsburgh - Team Hotel - Thurs. April 12, 2:33 p.m.
Huge win for the boys last night!

Got back to the hotel and played some FIFA with Reader (Matt Read) for a bit. We have a big hotel room where we all hang out. There was about seven of us in the room and we watched the third period of the LA / Vancouver game.


The TV we were using kept going fuzzy every 2 minutes. What a pain in the ass! 

We saw all the highlights of the majority of the games. 

After a game like that, it can be hard going to sleep. My dad is down from Mississauga (Ontario) for the game. We had a good chat after the game. I vent to him about the game, that - and some good food - is how I wind down from a big game.

Before we came to the rink today for practice, we had breakfast at the hotel. Then we hang outside the hotel, waiting for the bus to pick us up. We do that in almost every city.

Today, I'm just going to relax. We've got a team dinner, which should be delicious. Then I'll head back to the room and watch the Ottawa and New York game. That should be a wild one. Nothing like ours, though...

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