Paying off those Stanley Cup bets

of Philly CHZ 001
Al Burba (center) with DHL colleagues John Marchese Sr. (left) and Robert Murray working the grill Monday in Chicago.

With the Flyers season in sight, it's time to make amends and close out old debts from last season.

Al Burba, a Philly-based exec with the shipping company DHL, paid off his Stanley Cup bet with the Chicago office. Last week, Burba got a cheesesteak-making lesson at John's Roast Pork from owner John Bucci. On Monday, Burba and two colleagues flew to Chicago and had the ingredients shipped out by DHL's same-day service. They cooked lunch for more than 150 couriers. (Burba was a bit nervous, sending the Chicago drivers out on the streets with their potentially drippy sandwiches.) Had the Flyers beaten the Blackhawks, Burba and the Philly folks would have been at their office, eating deep-dish pizza.

And let me tell you about the bet between Doug Sohn, who owns the famous encased-meat emporium Hot Doug's in Chicago, and his brothers-in-law, Michael and Jamie Tyksinski, who both grew up in Doylestown. Had the Flyers won, Sohn would have had to feature a different Flyers player on his celebrity board for a week. The brothers' end of the bet: They had to shoot a video of themselves in front of the Wachovia Center (or Wells Fargo Center or whatever) wearing Hawks championship T-shirts and singing "Chelsea Dagger," the song that plays at the United Center after each Hawks goal.

Here's their effort.