NHL's North Going South

If the Rangers defeat the Senators in their Game 7 Thursday night, Canada will not have a team advance to the conference semifinals for the first time since 1996.

That season, five Canadian teams all fell in the first round. This season, Vancouver (who was eliminated by Mike Richards and Friends) was the only Great White North team other than Ottawa to qualify for the postseason.

Here is the furthest advancing Canadian team since 1997:

Year    Team Seed   Reached Lost To (Sd.) Result 
1997 Oilers W7 Conference Semifinals    Avalanche (W1) 1-4

Conference Semifinals

Stars (W1)
Sabres (E6)
Capitals (E4)
1999 Maple Leafs   E4 Conference Finals Sabres (E7) 1-4
2000 Maple Leafs E3 Conference Semifinals Devils (E4) 2-4
2001 Maple Leafs E7 Conference Semifinals Devils (E1) 3-4
2002 Maple Leafs E4 Conference Finals Hurricanes (E3) 2-4
2003 Senators E1 Conference Finals Devils (E2) 3-4
2004 Flames E6 Stanley Cup Finals Lightning (E1) 3-4
2005 (Lockout)
2006 Oilers W8 Stanley Cup Finals Hurricanes (E2) 3-4
2007 Senators E4 Stanley Cup Finals Ducks (W2) 1-4
2008 Canadiens E1 Conference Semifinals Flyers (E6) 1-4
2009 Canucks E3 Conference Semifinals Blackhawks (W4)   2-4
2010 Canadiens E8 Conference Finals Flyers (E7) 1-4
2011 Canucks W1 Stanley Cup Finals Bruins (E3) 3-4

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