List of best uniforms among four major professional sports unveiled

Paul Lukas, the author of the uniform-centric blog Uni Watch, unveiled his second annual list of the best-looking uniforms among the teams in the four major pro sports.

Lukas unveiled his rankings during the course of this week, starting from 122 all the way up to No. 1. He also ranked all of the teams in their respective leagues as well.

He finished the list Friday and handed the distinction of the best-looking team to the St. Louis Cardinals for having a classic, clean look and for the addition of a throwback-style alternate jersey.

The first Philadelphia team was not far behind the Cardinals, however. The Philadelphia team with Lukas’ highest mark went to the Phillies as he ranked them No. 11 in the overall list and No. 4 in the MLB.

As for why Lukas is so fond of the Phillies’ duds:

“The Phillies’ chest script strikes a perfect balance between class and playful — ideal for grown men playing a kids’ game.”

Between the Cardinals and Phillies on the MLB list are the Chicago Cubs at No. 2 and the Oakland Athletics at No. 3.

The next Philly team up is the Flyers, who rank No. 22 overall in Lukas’ rankings and No. 5 in the NHL.

According to Lukas, the Flyers boast the “best-looking of the non-Original Six teams.” He does admit that “some fans don’t dig the contrast-colored nameplates, but other observers — including this one — really like them.”

The only NHL teams that are higher on Lukas’ rankings are the Montreal Canadiens at No. 1, the Boston Bruins at No. 2, the Detroit Red Wings at No. 3 and the New York Rangers at No. 4.

Twelve spots later on the overall list, Lukas gives the nod to the Eagles. He slotted the Eagles No. 10 on the NFL list.

Lukas is still a fan of the look the Eagles have been sporting since 1996, but said that “the midnight green and black trim are starting to wear out their welcomes.”

Lukas, much like a lot of Eagles fans, longs for the day the Eagles return to the Kelly green of the past. Lukas said he was fond of the 1960s version. I personally liked the ones from the Randall Cunningham, Reggie White days, but that’s just me.

Bringing up the rear for the Philadelphia teams (as they are expected to do a lot this coming season) are the 76ers, who Lukas ranked No. 65 overall and No. 15 on the NBA list.

As for the reasons for placing the Sixers essentially in the middle of both lists:

“If they had worn this set for the past 30 seasons, we’d probably think of it as a classic. For now, though, it just seems a bit dull.”

Lukas does point out that the Sixers’ design is still better than that awful design they wore during the early 1990s with stars streaking up the side of the jersey. So, the Sixers have that going for them.

As for the team with the worst uniform among the four major sports, Lukas handed that honor (or lack their of) to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Personally, I believe the uniforms by themselves are actually pretty cool. But I have to agree with Lukas on the helmet design, which is odd to say the least.