Tuesday, February 9, 2016


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WASHINGTON - Less than 24 hours after a crushing home defeat, the Flyers carried a lead for most of Sunday's game against the NHL's best team.
Ryan White saw extra ice time Saturday, and he pounced on the open opportunity.
The Flyers' second-line center has a lower-body injury.
The Flyers blew a late third-period lead and lost to the Rangers, 3-2.
The Flyers have suddenly become goal-happy.
Claude Giroux and Jake Voracek both said Peter Laviolette played a key role in jump-starting their careers.
"He's a dangerous player; he looks really good," Nashville coach Peter Laviolette says.
The Predators lead NHL blue lines with 124 points and 36 goals.
Though out of the playoffs right now, Flyers confident they can gain momentum and gain a postseason berth.
The Flyers needed Tuesday's win over Montreal to re-start season.