Morin confident in his Flyers future

Flyers defensive prospect Samuel Morin. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

STONE HARBOR, N.J. - Defenseman Sam Morin knew the answer right away. Who was the first American to score 50 goals as a Flyer? The coaching staff asked and Morin answered, giddily shouting: "John LeClair."

The Flyers prospects participated in the annual Trial on the Isle during development camp Monday. And in the opening part of the day they had to answer a trivia question before beginning a racecourse on the beach in their smaller teams of four.

Morin got his team started with the LeClair answer. His father was a big fan of LeClair, so Morin knows all of his statistics. He does need some work in other areas when it comes to trivia.

He has displayed potential at times during this year's development camp. On Saturday, his slapshot shattered a pane of glass behind the net at the Voorhees Skate Zone. He said it was the third time his shot has broken glass after it happened twice with his junior team.

The 2013 Flyers first-round pick wore a Sixers snapback hat Monday, to show he likes the city of Philadelphia and the NBA. The 19-year-old from Quebec speaks with a French-Canadian accent and hasn't spent much time in the United States yet, but he tried to show off some knowledge about the city where he hopes to play one day.

"I try to learn little things about [Philadelphia], like I don't know what it's called, but the bell?" Morin said before being told it was called the Liberty Bell. "Exactly, I know that. I know a little bit of things. I like history."

Morin will learn about the rest of the history that took place in Philadelphia eventually, but for now, his game on the ice also has room to grow. At 6-foot-7 and 224 pounds, Morin's size could be devastating to opponents in the future.

But barring a major turn of events, Morin will be back in juniors this season, needing to develop all facets of his raw ability before the Flyers believe he is ready to play in the city with the bell.

Morin welcomes the expectations that come with being a top pick. He compared it to playing in juniors as a 16-year-old.

"Pressure is good for me," Morin said. "When I've got pressure I play good. I know I'm going to be a good player, I know it. I'm a hard worker, I'm confident, I've got everything."