Stanley Cup Trivia

Here are some Flyers Stanley Cup stumpers to entertain your family and friends with. The answers are below:


Which team beat the Flyers in the 1985 Finals?


Which Flyer combined with Wayne Gretzky in Game 3 of the 1985 Finals to score three goals in 31 seconds? Hint: It was Gretzky who had two of the goals.


How many games did the Flyers need to defeat the Buffalo Sabres in the 1975 Finals?


How many goals did the Flyers score against the Boston Bruins in six games in the 1974 Finals?


Which Flyers winger racked up four assists aganst the Oilers in Game 5 of the 1987 Finals?


In the four-game 1997 Finals against Detroit, how many times did the Flyers allow more than three goals?


How many overtimes did the Flyers and Islanders play in the 1980 Finals?


Which New York Islander collected 11 points against the Flyers in the 1980 Finals?


1. Edmonton Oilers

2. Derrick Smith

3. Six

4. 15

5. Brian Propp

6. Three

7. Two

8. Mike Bossy