Sunday, January 25, 2015


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Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota may not throw at the NFL Combine due to an injury.
The Eagles' new defensive backs coach won't have the same Pro Bowl talent in Philadelphia that he did in Denver.
The Eagles have six players in Arizona this week for the Pro Bowl on Sunday, which is the fourth most of any NFL team.
Bob Ford: The unalterable truth is that with money and success on the line, people will cheat if you let them.
The Eagles have hired Boston College offensive coordinator Ryan Day to be their quarterbacks coach.
Led by a league-high seven touchdowns, Eagles' special teams were the best in the NFL this season.
This year's class is loaded with talented edge rushers, according to many scouts and draft analysts.
The NFL is still seeking information on why the Patriots under-inflated footballs.
Paul Domowitch: There is a considerable drop-off after Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston.
Paul Domowitch won't participate in the selection process next week, but here are his thoughts.
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