Saturday, May 30, 2015


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The center says that missing the playoffs was a blessing in disguise.
Each passing day that Bradford is not back the specter of Sanchez becomes more of a reality.
David Murphy: The Eagles coach doesn't care whether nobody else understands what he does.
A ducknever is just a duck with Chip Kelly.
Bob Brookover: The odd thing about racial issues is that they are rarely black and white.
Bradford didn't ask for any sort of reassurance as rumors flew about the Eagles' quest for Marcus Mariota.
Chip Kelly said he was unconcerned about the perception of racism.
Fletcher, Cary Williams and Nate Allen are all far from the NovaCare practice fields this week.
Thursday was the first time the media was permitted to attend Eagles practice.
It was just like old times for Tim Tebow during organized team activities for the Eagles Thursday.
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