Friday, December 26, 2014


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Les Bowen: Eagles think they improved in some areas of the defense, but they were burned too much by passes of 20-plus yards.
A team that started December among the league's top contenders won't even have the chance to play in January.
By the time he traded for Eli Manning at the 2004 NFL draft, Ernie Accorsi already knew how the game worked.
Professional athletes are willing to be coached, but they aren't willing to go through a lot of nonsense in the process.
Patience was a message from the Eagles when the NFL draft concluded in May.
After the way the team collapsed in Andy Reid's final 2 years, Eagles are lucky to have rebounded so quickly.
The shelf life for running backs is shorter than it is for other players, and LeSean McCoy knows it.
LeSean McCoy says it's 'tough' knowing Eagles won't make the playoffs, says he thinks he has productive years ahead.
Bob Ford: The Eagles' destiny was set by events in March, May and November.
Over a year and a half later, Chip Kelly remains a mystery to most.
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