Friday, May 22, 2015


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What’s new: DeMarco Murray, Ryan Mathews, Raheem Mostert.
Patriots owner Robert Kraft is not appealing his team's punishments in the deflated footballs scandal.
If Sam Bradford isn’t ready to lead this season, Chip Kelly’s gamble will likely be deemed a failure.
Pat Gallen and Dave Spadaro play true or false about the off-season changes at RB, CB.
NFL owners will consider three proposals to change the extra point this week at the league meetings in SF.
David Murphy: You can look at Chip Kelly's history and believe that he knows what he's doing.
Mike Sielski: Not long ago, a father could not cry. He had been diagnosed with cancer in his jaw in 2013.
High and Inside: Michael Vick not only wants to return to the NFL, he wants to be a starter.
The NFL will consider three proposals for changing the extra point at the spring meetings next week.
Steve Spagnuolo says Bradford is in a good scheme for his skill set with Chip Kelly.
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