Saturday, December 20, 2014


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The Eagles need Dallas to lose at least one of its last two, but it might not be so simple this year.
Frank Fitzpatrick: Depending on what you think of Johnny Manziel's, his first start was either disappointing or delightful.
Les Bowen: The Eagles need to stop digging themselves a hole to start games if they want to see the playoffs.
Jeff McLane: It makes little sense for Brandon Graham to re-sign with the Eagles before testing free agency.
Insider says there are only two worthy of being picked in the first round, and they're out of the Eagles' reach.
There are times when playing cornerback in the National Football League is no fun.
Despite his struggles of late, the Eagles still see RGIII as a threat to take seriously.
Mike Sielski: Journalists should use the term Redskins, offensive as it may be, because it's their officla name.
The Eagles were 3-for-3 in the Red Zone against Dallas, with Chris Polk playing a large part in their success.
Over a year and a half later, Chip Kelly remains a mystery to most.
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