Sunday, February 7, 2016


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Why isn't Robert Griffin III playing like he was prior to his injury last season?
Athletes are among the most susceptible to MRSA.
Every year, Dr. Peter DeLuca heads to the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis to check out the next group of potential Eagles. Will his findings help determine Thursday's draft pick?
Sport psychologist Joel H. Fish, Ph.D., talks with Sports Doc about the Eagles' new hire and what comes next.
SportsDoc: The NFL is well aware of social commentators who now question football’s future. The simple truth is that any physical activity comes with risk and reward.
With the controversies that have surrounded professional sports in recent years, the unanswered question is whether the steroids found in Garrett Reid's room were intended for distribution and Sports Doc attempts to address that question.
Sports Doc: The ImPACT test is used to gauge the cognitive part of the concussion, or the part that deals with how the brain is functioning.
As soon as Eagles quarterback Michael Vick staggered to the sidelines after two tough hits in Sunday’s game, the medical team went to work assessing the situation.
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