Eagles at Chiefs: Key pre-game stats

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz leads the NFL in third-down passing after one week.

Some Eagles pre-game stats to munch on before kickoff:

— Carson Wentz attempted six passes of 20 or more yards against the Redskins, completing one — a 58-yard touchdown to Nelson Agholor. The targets on his other five 20-plus yard attempts: Torrey Smith (2), Alshon Jeffery (2) and Agholor. He had six or more attempts of 20-plus yards in just three games last year — Week 9 v. the Giants (4-for-12), Week 11 v. Seattle (1-for-6) and Week 13 v. Cincinnati (1-for-6).

— A breakdown of Wentz’s 37 aimed passes (doesn’t include a throwaway and an attempt that drew an intentional grounding penalty)

Distance Atts/Comps Yds TDs INTs
20-plus yards 1/6 58 1 0
11 t0 19 yards 6/7 113 0 0
1 to 10 yards 12/16 104 0 1
Throws behind line of scrimmage 7/8 32 1 0

— Last year, Wentz attempted a total of 67 passes of 20 yards or more, completing 21 (31.3%). He had six TDs and seven interceptions on deep passes.

— Wentz leads the NFL in third-down passing after one week. He completed 9 of 11 third-down passes against the Redskins for 148 yards, two TDs, no INTs and one sack (158.3 rating). Last year, just two QBs in the league finished with a worse third-down passer rating than Wentz (67.0): Jacksonville’s Blake Bortles (57.5) and the Jets’ Ryan Fitzpatrick (55.9).

— Last year, just two teams found themselves in more third-and-longs (eight yards or more) than the Eagles (49ers and Browns). Reducing third-and-longs was a high offseason priority. But the Eagles found themselves in eight of them against Washington. The good news is they managed to convert four. Wentz was 5-for-7 for 123 yards and a TD on third-and-long. Last year, he was 43-for-80 for 561 yards, one TD, three INTs and seven sacks on third-and-eight or more.

— The Eagles blitzed on 13 of 44 pass plays in Week 1 (29.5%). Just one of their four sacks came on a blitz. But Kirk Cousins was just 5-for-12 for 69 yards, no TDs and one INT when Jim Schwartz sent extra rushers. Last season, the Eagles blitzed on 21.1 percent of opponent pass plays, which was one of the lower blitz percentages in the league.

— The Eagles used “13” personnel — one RB, 3 TEs, 1 WR — eight times against the Redskins. Wentz threw six times out of “13,” completing five of them for 45 yards and a TD (his one-yard scoring toss to RB LeGarrette Blount). Just one of Wentz’s five completions out of “13” was to a tight end (Brent Celek). Last year, the Eagles used “13” personnel 115 times. Forty of those 115 were pass plays. Wentz completed an impressive 30 of 39 for 291 yards, four TDs and one INT. He was sacked once.

— The Eagles ran 27 of their 65 offensive plays (41.5%) from under center against Washington. Last year, they had a higher under-center percentage than that just twice: in their Week 7 win over Minnesota (42.6%) and in their Week 16 win over the Giants (58.2 percent).

— Twelve of LeGarrette Blount’s 14 rushing attempts against the Redskins were from under center (for 46 yards). He had no yards on two carries out of shotgun. The Eagles rushed for 51 yards on 17 carries from under center. They had seven yards on seven carries out of shotgun. Last season, the Eagles averaged 4.5 yards per carry (178-806) out of shotgun and 3.8 (261-1005) from under center.

— The Redskins converted just three of 11 third-down opportunities against the Eagles last week. Kirk Cousins was just 4-for-9 for 40 yards and an interception and was sacked once on third down.

— The Eagles had just one rushing first down against the Redskins. That was the fewest rushing first downs in a game by the Eagles since 2014. The Eagles didn’t have a run longer than seven yards, and just three of their 24 rushing attempts were longer than five yards.

— The Eagles held Redskins running backs to 34 yards on 13 carries. Just one of the Redskins’ three rushing first downs was by a running back. Quarterback Kirk Cousins had the other two.

— The Eagles held the Redskins to 2.20 yards on first down, which was the best in the league in Week 1. The Eagles offense, on the other hand, averaged 4.13 yards on first down, which ranked 20th. The Eagles averged just 2.71 yards per carry on first down and 2.50 yards per carry on second down.

The Eagles ran 34 of their 65 offensive plays in Week 1 with “11” personnel (1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WRs). They ran another 17 with “12” personnel (1 RB, 2 TEs, 2 WRs). They averaged 6.2 yards per play with “11” personnel, and 4.6 yards per play with “12” personnel.

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