Letters: On Vick, the holier-than-thou columnists


I'M tired of the whole Michael Vick thing. Ridiculous! Stu Bykofsky, Christine Flowers, and, to some extent, Elmer Smith (even though his column was more realistic, honest and fair). Michael Vick, dare I say it, made a mistake, is flawed, committed an error in judgment, stupid decision - however you want to word it. He did it!

I think what Michael Vick did was abhorrent and vile. When he was sentenced, I, like a lot of people, felt no sympathy for him because of the torture he and others inflicted on those animals. So his sentence was understandable. But he took his punishment, has shown great remorse and deserves to live again, just like so many other athletes, actors, presidents and everyday people who've made big mistakes.

I applaud the Eagles for their courage in affording Michael Vick another opportunity! So to Stu, Christine and any other self-righteous, judgmental, unforgiving people, get off of your high horses. Go, Eagles!

Lenise Johnson, Wilmington, Del.

I'm a dog-lover. When my shih tzu Romeo died, I cried for days.

I'm also someone who's been given a second chance. More than 25 years ago, some great people took a chance on me. I haven't let them down. People can change. I've seen it many times.

Richard Kraus, Philadelphia

Football fans are rejoicing, animal-lovers are disgusted.

Where were all the "human rights" people when Donte Stallworth drove drunk and killed a human? What happened to the advocates against rape when Big Ben was accused? Pitino has an affair that resulted in pregnancy and paid the woman to abort the child and leave him alone! Where are all the anti-abortion demonstrations?

The same "Eagles fans" who are jumping ship are the fans who booed Santa Claus.

I don't think what Vick did was right by any means, and I agree that it was horrid. But I also don't think that the lives of animals should be regarded as more precious than that of human beings, nor do I think animal rights should receive preferential treatment over the minds and psyches of human beings - commonly referred to as civil rights.

Elana Lyons, Philadelphia

After seeing the cover of Friday's Daily News and reading the headline "Hide Your Dogs" concerning Michael Vick, I was disgusted.

It's obvious the Daily News doesn't know how to keep personal feelings out of the headlines.

Robert Watts, Philadelphia

What is it that makes animals less important than people?

James Hagen, New Port Richey, Fla.

Believe me, I'm all for second chances, but only to those sincere in their quest for forgiveness. This guy got caught, which is why he's sorry now.

The entire world will be looking at Philadelphia differently. Its soul was sold to the devil for money and fame.

Many are underestimating those who truly love their pets out there.

You are all in for a rude awakening.

Chester McShane

Wilmington, Del.