Deliverance is at hand for the Eagles, who will win the Super Bowl | Bill Lyon

Birds fans have a reason to celebrate: The Eagles just won the Super Bowl.

So here we sit, waiting for God.

And there’s a stirring out there in the hinterlands.

It comes from a football team. Your Philadelphia Iggles.

There’s something in the air tonight, and this is the time. Deliverance is at hand.

The Eagles are going to win the Super Bowl.

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I’ve never said that about any other Eagles team over the last half-century. But this is too good to be true.

Back in September, even before the season began, I made a prediction: The Eagles are going to win the Super Bowl. Deliverance is at hand.

For confirmation, consult my editor. His reaction was that perhaps I might want to consider cutting back on some of those pharmaceuticals.

Usually we come to this point quivering with trepidation. We try to pretend otherwise, but it hangs over us like a shroud, all those failures from the past piling up.

There’s something in the air tonight, and it draws us toward a place we’ve never been.

Always before, there is the qualifier — the feeling that yes, we’re there, but there’s where it will end. Something wicked this way comes.

But not this time. This is the team, and this is the time. They are better than they know. All they have to do is show it.

There’s something in the air tonight, something that hasn’t been there before, a team that was struck by tragedy at a most inconvenient time, righted itself, and overcame the strikes of misfortune that would have been catastrophic. But that is for the past. This is for the future.

There’s something in the air tonight. It is a team without holes. The opponent is daunting and will not go gently into that good night.

While the substitute quarterback struggled before the playoffs, it reminded us of all the hauntings of the past. What we overlook was that Nick Foles had only minimum combat, had neither time nor patience to find a rhythm. But then he did, and with each passing series, you could see his confidence building. He found his rhythm, and the rest of them found theirs.

There’s something in the air tonight, something that wasn’t there before. And it coaxed into a flickering fire that draws legions to the fireside. This strikes a chord in all of us, but especially to the tribal elders, of which I am a member.

Really? Do you think this really is the time? They are mindful of this long, hard road that has seemed to be without end.

There’s something in the air tonight. And when it is done, we will all be surprised. How was it so easy?

Deliverance? Yes.