Here's what the Eagles' Super Bowl LII ring ceremony looked like

The last night for the Eagles to bask in the glory of their Super Bowl LII championship may be upon us.

In a ceremony scheduled for Thursday night, the Eagles received their championship rings.

They even got one for longtime radio commentator Merrill Reese.

If Doug Pederson gets his wish — they will move on and set their sights on getting another one to match.

“Honestly, after the ring ceremony, to me, we’ve put that to bed. We’ve put that to rest, and we move on to 2018,” Pederson said. “Listen, we always are going to remember. It’s going to be every time we’re in the city — I was at two events [Monday] and the city’s on fire. It’s great. I love it. Fans are excited, and they should be.

If it is the last night, the Eagles have made sure to enjoy it.

They even had a soundtrack ready, including Drake’s “Big Rings:”