In the game of hype videos, Eagles crush the Falcons

The Eagles’ Jordan Matthews (left) stiff-arms the Falcons’ Robert Alford in a game on Nov. 13, 2016. The teams face each other in the NFC divisional playoffs this weekend.

The Atlanta Falcons released a short video on social media Wednesday hyping their upcoming playoff game against the Eagles Saturday. On Thursday morning, the Eagles swooped in and released their own hype video to show the Falcons how it’s done.

If their social media game is any indication, the Falcons appear to be preparing for a funeral sponsored by Mercedes-Benz instead of the NFL playoffs. The music at the beginning of their video is so slow it sounds like a dirge for the departed and everybody in the video is as serious as an article in The Economist. 

We’re also not sure the Falcons understand how hype videos are supposed to work because the only crowd shot in this video is of Eagles fans waving their rally towels.

Camera icon Atlanta Falcons
The only fans featured in the Falcons’ hype video are these Eagles fans.

The Falcons video ends with “In brotherhood we unite, we trust, we fight, we rise,” yadda, yadda, yadda, before a big Mercedes-Benz logo is slapped across the entire screen.

Nothing says “I’m hyped!” like being reminded of a car you can’t afford.

The Eagles, on the other hand, know how jump start a crowd. Their hype video includes a rock anthem, fireworks and freaking lasers. Nothing is cooler than lasers, except for human bowling, which this video also has.

Camera icon Philadelphia Eagles
Eagles with lasers. That’s a good band name.

It begins with gritty shots of the city accompanied by a voiceover of a locker room speech given by Eagles coach Doug Pederson. Inspiring!

Not only are the Eagles players featured in action, they’re also featured in celebration, like when Alshon Jeffrey scored a touchdown and his teammates lined up in the end zone like bowling pins so he could knock them down with an imaginary ball. Inspiring!

And then there are the featured fans — fans with green hair, fans with Eagles face paint, a fan without a shirt in the snow. Inspiring!

Camera icon Philadelphia Eagles
Even the announcer in the video suggests this Eagles fan should “find a shirt.”

“Find power. Find inspiration. Find inspiration from a higher power. Just find us another game day,” the narrator says as the video closes out. “Because in a city with this much will, there must be a way.”


We’re not only ready for a win now, we’re ready to climb Mount Everest. Bring it, Atlanta.