Comparing Kolb to Brady; interest in Bush

Kevin Kolb and Tom Brady have had different careers, but their style of play may be similar. (Clem Murray/Staff Photographer, AP Photo)

At this time last year, Kevin Kolb's teammates were raving about him and his ability to lead the Eagles' offense into a new era.

With the trade of Donovan McNabb to the Redskins, Kolb was getting ready to take over the title of franchise quarterback.

As we all know, the months that followed provided ups and downs for Kolb, and he now appears poised to be headed elsewhere to resume his career.

But the high opinion Kolb's teammates have of him still exists. And perhaps none of them think more of him than defensive end Trent Cole.

In a radio interview with Adam Schein of, Cole said Kolb reminds him of Tom Brady.

"Kolb can play. He is very, very accurate. I compare him to Tom Brady. I really do," Cole said. "They can both throw it downfield. But they both know how to use the entire field. They can take five yards and work with that, make it 10 or 15 with yards after the catch. Kolb can make every throw. He knows where his players are. He, like Brady, is a great leader."

High praise, huh?

If Cole, who is scheduled to make $2.9M in each of the next two seasons, wants to get in good graces with management, this type of comment can't hurt as the Eagles will be looking to get as much as possible back in return for Kolb.


On Thursday, I wrote about Reggie Bush and explained why I didn't see him coming to the Eagles.

Part of the reason was that there is only one ball to go around, and with Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin already in the mix, I had a hard time seeing how the Eagles would get Bush enough touches to satisfy him.

Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports reports today that the Saints gave Bush permission back in February to talk to other teams and gauge his value. An NFL source told Cole that the most likely candidates to land Bush were the Dolphins, Steelers, Seahawks and Giants. But Cole also writes that the Eagles "have expressed strong interest."

However he adds that Bush is unlikely to sign with the Eagles because he'd have a potentially limited role (Hey! That's what I said!). What's not written is that a potentially limited role would probably also translate to a less lucrative paycheck than Bush might find elsewhere.

For what it's worth, Bush's agent, Joel Segal, represents multiple Eagles, including Michael Vick and Brandon Graham.

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