Does the Eagles' Bryce Treggs have cause to complain about his fine?

Bryce Treggs runs after he catches a pass during Eagles minicamp .

I spoke with Eagles wide receiver Bryce Treggs at length Tuesday for a column about the $25,000 fine he incurred from the NFL for his crackback block on Packers cornerback Damarious Randall. In the piece, I referenced a tweet that Treggs posted (and eventually deleted) in which he lamented having to pay the fine because he made the league-minimum salary last season, $450,000.

In response to that tweet, several readers and football fans have criticized Treggs and seemed resentful of him for complaining — presumably because even the NFL’s minimum salary is relatively lucrative compared to those of other professions. Treggs actually addressed this criticism in our interview, but since my column dealt with the issue of head injuries and his comments weren’t directly on that topic, I decided not to try to shoehorn the quotes into the piece.

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So, for what it’s worth, here’s what Treggs said:

“A lot of people were like, ‘Oh, you make $450,000 a year. OK, cut that in half immediately — taxes. Then take out the union fees, 16 grand. Agent fees: 13 grand. That’s a large sum of my take-home income, and people don’t understand that. A lot of these fans think they know everything, but $450,000 is not what I take home.”

By Treggs’ calculations, his real salary would be $196,000, which means a $25,000 fine would equal 12.8 percent of his take-home pay.

Carry on.