No room for 81 (T.O.) in the 75


Universally, the answer was no.

No, Terrell Owens should not be included in the list of the 75 greatest Eagles of all time. His tenure was too short, too rocky, and too disruptive. No, no, no, no, no.

Except Donovan McNabb had an idea. Put an asterisk by 81.

"I think you have to look at the possibility of what it could have been," McNabb said. "I think if we would've played together for five or six years, he probably would've been the No. 1 receiver to ever play here."

But Owens played just two seasons in Philadelphia - one terrific, one tumultuous - and he left the franchise fractured and in disarray.

The good? In 2004, an unstoppable force who caught a franchise-high 14 touchdown passes and returned from a severe ankle injury in time for Super Bowl XXXIX, catching nine passes for 122 yards in the loss to the Patriots.

The bad? A few weeks later, a petulant prima donna who demanded a raise, and when he didn't get it absconded with team cohesion before the Eagles sent him home midway through the 2005 season.

"The guy had a great season, and then totally dismantled that football team," Troy Vincent said. "He broke up a dynasty."

"If it's team, T.O. does not fit in with the team," Mike Quick said.

Said McNabb: "I never regret making that decision of trying to get him here . . . but it's just unfortunate how it ended."

- Ashley Fox