What's the Eagles' true dream team?
Posted on Tuesday, Sep 06, 2011
IN VINCE YOUNG’S first news conference with the Eagles, he uttered the fateful phrase “Dream Team” in describing the acquisitions the team had made.

“It’s beautiful to see where we’re trying to go,” he said July 30 at Lehigh. “I’m all for it.” The moniker quickly stuck in the national media and around the league. Young would later say what he meant was taken out of context.

Owner Jeffrey Lurie said the only “Dream Team” is the Green Bay Packers, the team with the Super Bowl trophy. Some Eagles players distanced themselves from it; others embraced it. “Now, we have to live up to it,” quarterback Michael Vick said.

In their history, the Eagles have had three NFL championship teams (the last in 1960), two Super Bowl teams and among the most dominant defensive teams of the 1990s. Here is how this season’s proposed lineup compares to those teams, at least on paper: