Vick: Bears' deep safeties surprised us

The Chicago Bears limited the Eagles big plays down the field, in part by playing their safeties much deeper than the Eagles anticipated, quarterback Michael Vick said.

"I've never seen them play that deep.," Vick said on his weekly radio show on ESPN Radio 94.1 in Virginia Beach. "That was very surprising to us. If we would have game-planned for that, we would have had a good strategy to take advantage of that. We still had a good game plan and we still put ourselves in position to go up in the football game. We just didn't capitalize."

The Bears also tried to limit Vick's opportunity to run and when he did run force him to move to his right.

"I was still able to get outside of the pocket and stick in the pocket and make plays when I needed to," Vick said. " I'm going to go out and play my game and not try to change a thing and let the game come to me."

Overall, Vick said, "They are going to make you beat them ... They did a good job in forcing us to check the ball down and take away our deep passes. They had a good overall game plan. I think we had a chance to ice the game at times, especially down at the goal line when I threw that interception."

Other subjects that Vick addressed with host Tony Mercurio:

* On the short turnaround until Thursday night's game: "I have a mixed feelings about it. I am happy that we can get this game out of our memory banks and have an opportunity to get back on the football field again and prove to our coaches that we are capable of doing everything that they ask of us. At the same time, you want those extra days of rest. We win this game and we'll have a nice weekend."

* On how he feels physically: "I took some shots but today is the best I felt after any game this season that I played in. I don't know what that's about, but I just have to give glory to God and be ready to move forward.

* On a postgame conversation with Julius Peppers: "He told me he enjoyed chasing me around. He hated it but he enjoyed it. It brings out the best in him. We have the utmost respect for each other."

* On Bears-Eagles being the top-rated game of the season: "I can see why. Everyody wants to see the best go head to head. That was a good game for us and obviously it was a good game for them. I am glad that I can bring that excitement to the NFL, not only myself but my team. It's a credit to the NFL."

* On being on SportsCenter: (laughing), "I'm going to have to get some stock in SportsCenter at some point in time. I'm on there enough, I can tell you that."

* On the SI cover jinx: "I got my own beliefs and superstitions and that's not one of them. But, hey, it could have jinxed me for that one game. We're going to move on and get better and think about playing a good game against the Houston Texans."


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