Vick jerseys selling big

Michael Vick's midnight green jersey is the top-selling football jersey in the past 4 weeks. (Yong Kim / Staff Photographer)

As holiday shopping season hits its peak, Michael Vick jersey are selling fast, showing another sign of just how widely the quarterback has been embraced in his comeback season.

Over the past four weeks, different versions of Vick's jersey account for three of the NFL's top 10 sellers, by dollar amount, according to an analyst at SportsOneSource. The data, reported in this blog entry on, says that more than 18,000 of Vick's midnight green home jersey have been sold in the past four weeks. Since April, Vick's jersey has been the 20th best seller on the NFL's official Web site, according to the blog entry.

Here is SportsOneSource's list of the best-selling NFL jerseys of the past four weeks:

1. Michael Vick replica (jade)

2. Mark Sanchez replica team (green)

3. Michael Vick youth replica (white)

4. Hakeem Nicks replica team (blue)

5. Peyton Manning toddler/child (royal)

6. Eli Manning (blue)

7. Troy Polamalu (black)

8. LaDainian Tomlinson (green)

9. Michael Vick (black)

10. Troy Polamalu replica (black)

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