Vick: 'I haven't talked with Donovan'

Donovan McNabb was benched in favor of Rex Grossman against the Lions. (AP file photo/Paul Sancya)

Michael Vick says he tends not to talk to his friends around the NFL during the season. That is what the offseason is for and he would rather focus on the task at hand with his own team.

Specifically, he said he has not spoken with Donovan McNabb in the aftermath of his benching and heading toward the Eagles game against the Redskins on Monday night.

"I haven’t talked with Donovan," Vick said during his weekly radio show with Tony Mercurio on ESPN Radio 94.1 in Virginia Beach. "This is his bye week. It’s important for him to get out and clear his mind and get away from football for a while. Not have to deal with some of the things that he is going through and I don’t want to be a constant reminder of something that is so negative. It is important for him to get away and enjoy himself for a while."

After playing in his first game back said missing time with injured ribs, Vick said, "I’m about 95 percent. The only time I’m hurting is really when I sneeze. Other than that, I think, with this week having an extra couple days off due to the fact that we have Monday night game definitely will help me in my recovery."

Vick said he is no longer getting physical treatment for the injury, although it is available. "I don't feel like I need it. I'm ready to roll."

On the hits he took against Indianapolis, "I took a couple of hard shots. It was nothing out of the ordinary and nothing I haven’t felt before. I just try to go out there and play and not become too assertive or complacent."

Some other issues that Vick covered:

On when to throw it vs. when to scramble, "You just have to play the game from an instinctive standpoint, you can’t predetermine what you’re going to do when you snap the ball. I just try to let the game come to me. Whatever I see, that’s what I do ... We kept them off balance. We left a lot of points on the field as well. We could have easily had more."

On the idea that he was told not to run, "That is false. Very false."

On Wade Phillips firing: "This is the NFL. Obviously, things didn’t go right for them from the beginning of the season. It saddens me that Wade got fired. I know Wade is a great coach. I played with him in Atlanta and he did a great job in coaching our defense and getting us two wins as interim head coach when Dan Reeves was fired. I know what he can do. In this game sometimes, it’s not all about what the coaches do. Coaches give us the game plan. We as professionals have to execute the game plan … At the end of the day, the players have to go out and play. That’s the bottom line."

On the second game against Washington and whether "revenge is a factor in the NFL: "Not at all. Not about getting revenge in this league. I’m excited to play in every game that I have an opp to play because it’s so hard to play in this league and be a starter. You can’t go into a game wanting to play a get-back game because you’re putting pressure on yourself. There’s too much pressure in this game as it is. I just approach it as going out and trying to get a win."

On the ticket demands from family and friends for a game at Washington: "I think I might have to put a holster on that real quick."

On whether players like playing on Monday nights: "It doesn’t make a difference whether it’s Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday, you gotta go out and get it done."


The Eagles-Giants game on Nov. 21 will remain a night game. The Eagles currently have four more prime-time games on their schedule -- Monday night against the Redskins; against the Giants on Sunday, Nov. 21; at Houston on Thursday, Dec. 2; and at Dallas on Sunday, Nov. 12. The Dallas game could be changed based on flex scheduling.

**'s Adam Caplan reports the Eagles will work out former Seattle defensive end Nick Reed today.

An All-American at Oregon, Reed had knee surgery during training camp and reached an injury settlement with the Seahawks leading to his release.


Coming off their bye week, the Redskins practiced Monday with running backs Clinton Portis (groin) and Ryan Torrain (hamstring) taking part. The bye week is believed to have helped Torrain and he went full speed.

It is too early to tell whether either will be ready to play against the Eagles, coach Mike Shanahan said, according to the Washington Post. 

The Redskins are considering bringing James Davis up from the practice squad to provide depth at the position.


Eagles players are off today and tomorrow and will resume a normal practice week Thursday.


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