Vick: Sigh of relief

Michael Vick throws the ball past the Browns' D'Qwell Jackson during the first quarter on Sunday. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was plagued with four interceptions in Sunday's 17-16 victory over the host Cleveland Browns.

Vick completed 29-of-56 passes for 317 uards and two touchdowns. The interceptions nearly finished off the Eagles in their season-opening game.

"It was just stepping up and getting it done," Vick said in a postgame interview. "We had been through so much in the game – penalties and turnovers. But we got out of here 1-0 and that’s what’s important."

Vick said it was a sigh of relief to steal the win.

"I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t [sigh of relief]," Vick said. "Plenty of throws I would like to have back. I just fought through it. When we scored that last TD it was a sigh of relief.

"Late in the fourth quarter it was never frustrated. We just kept fighting. We just keep encouraging each other.

"I have responsibility to this team to lead them, not hurt them."

Vick talked about his lack of preseason snaps. "You can’t really simulate it in practice because it doesn’t count," Vick said. "We have to have these kinds of games to become a championship football team. They have a tough defense."

Coach Andy Reid said he took some positives out of the performance.

"Every game you can win in the NFL is a good game," Reid said. "We had too many turnovers and penalties. At the end, he [Vick] drove us down the field. I thought he was rusty. I thought it was important that he get back in."