Vick: 'Our entire season will be dedicated to Garrett'

"Our entire season will be dedicated to Garrett,” Michael Vick said. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

BETHLEHEM, Pa. – Michael Vick said the Eagles will dedicate this season to Garrett Reid, and he said he will also dedicate the season to coach Andy Reid.

"Our entire season will be dedicated to Garrett,” Vick said. “I'm personally going to dedicate my season to coach, and direct it to my teammates. So this season will be dedicated to Garrett, starting tomorrow."

Vick said he was a “bit surprised” that Reid returned on Wednesday, but that everyone is entitled to grieving how they feel is best.


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Vick said Andy Reid could have taken as much time off as needed, but believed that Reid’s presence was felt during Wednesday’s walk-through. Vick added that Reid had “the fire in his eyes, as always.”

“He’s back with his family, his football family,” Vick said. “Coach know we love him, as a man first and as a coach second.”

Reid’s emphasis to the team was about remaining focused. And in Vick’s conversation with Reid, he shared his love with his coach.

“First, just continue to encourage him and stay strong,” Vick said. “I know what it’s like to lose a family member. I reiterated to him on numerous occasions how much I love him.”