Vick: Just another 'doggie dad' at PetSmart puppy class



Once upon a time he was the world's most notorious dog abuser. Now Michael Vick is just another doggie dad in puppy training classes at PetSmart.

Vick has been spotted at a South Jersey PetSmart with his Belgian Malinois, Angel, in tow.

A tipster who saw Vick at the store sent this picture to the sports blog, Crossing Broad.

 Vick, spent 18 months in federal prison for running a dog fighting ring in what was likely the highest profile animal cruelty case ever..

 When Vick arrived in Philadelphia in 2009 animal welfare activists were furious at the Eagles' owner Jeff Lurie and coach Andy Reid for signing him.

The team PR's department quickly mobilized establishing a $500,000 pro-pet philanthropy fund that still distributes grants to worthy causes.

 Under terms of his probation, Vick was forbidden from owning a dog for five years.

   In 2011, we reported that Vick's fiance bought a parrot for their daughters..

 Last year, after his pet prohibition term was up, amid wide buzz and circulation of Vick's own instagram photos showing a box of Milk Bones in the background, Vick released a statement that indeed he had a dog.

But until now we did not know what breed or the dog's name.

Now, we learn he chose a Belgian Malinois, a breed popular with law enforcement for their skills in guard work and explosives and drug detection.

He said while he understood the "strong emotions" some people have about his family's decision, he wanted his children to develop a "healthy relationship with animals" and wanted to "break the cycle" of violence that he was caught in.  

 At the same time, Vick was working with the Humane Society of the United States, conducting sessions in inner city schools to educate young people about the importance of treating animals with compassion. He also lobbied Congress to pass legislation toughening sanctions on dog fighting..